Friday, December 12, 2008

The Oddest Craft Show Ever

Free beer, passed appetizers, Pix chocolates and voodoo doughnuts? Odd. Did I mention the Sangria punch? The goodie bags with Bumble and Bumble samples? Oh yeah--the beer was Amnesia.

It was in the Belmont district and there was ample opportunity for hipster watching. Lots of plaid wool hats, suspenders and odd facial hair. Not to mention piercings! Northwest crafty retro hipster cool. Think knitting while drinking Pabst. It felt like the set of a Gus Van Sant movie.

It was a good crowd and I sold two wreaths and a bunch of heads. The mini cupcakes were excellent and the beer was welcome.

Odd though.

Monday, December 1, 2008

HANDMADE for the Holidays

Bodywreath is going to be at HANDMADE for the Holidays December 6th and 7th at the KOiPOD Salon. Check out some of these other cool crafty vendors:

It's an evening affair so come on down for some hip, late-night craft goodness!
3224 SE Belmont St. Portland OR  97214
December 6th 6pm - 10pm
December 7th 1pm - 7pm

Thursday, October 23, 2008


The instructions for walking the labyrinth read: "Some people use the walk for clearing the mind and centering, others enter with a question or concern." 

I entered with a question: "How can I be happier?" I also brought a rock.

As with any epiphany, revelation or profound realization the answer is within you - the blue bird of happiness is in your back yard. The answers I found while walking the labyrinth were that in order to be happy I should:
1. Be patient
2. Give and receive kisses
3. Do something to contribute to the beauty around me (I added my rock to the labyrinth)

I also learned some other valuable life lessons:
1. Don't take shortcuts (you miss out on all the fun)
2. Even silly things are worth doing
3. Bring a friend

All-in-all a very good retreat for the Bodywreath staff and their life-partners.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Corporate Retreat and Love Monkeys

In order to get ready for the holiday rush, the leadership team at Bodywreath decided  it was time for a corporate retreat - and they were generous enough to extend the invitation to all of the employees' life partners and significant others. The chosen location was the southern Oregon coast. The weather was perfect.

For three days everyone roughed it in yurts on Harris Beach. Lovely hikes and lots of time for team-building. The next three days were dedicated to luxury, pampering and relaxation at the Wild Spring Guest Habitat. By the third night we discovered that if you turned out the lights in the hot tub spa you could really see the stars!

Monday, September 15, 2008

View from the Booth: Crafty Wonderland

Sold some earrings, one wreath, a whole bunch of stop-a-heads and even some bag-o-heads. Good day!

Need to send some photos of my bracelets and earring to Susan Stars for her upcoming article.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Funky Church

The supper cool Funky Church of Portland will be sporting one of my Bodywreath's this holiday season. I was very happy to connect to Tracie, one of their long time residents, who jumped at the chance to add Bodywreath to their repertoire.

Make sure to check out their website for their schedule of services. Thank's Tracie! and a big thank you and Amen to everyone at the Funky Church.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Inner Circle

Crafty Wonderland was a huge success. Met some great people - and it is a fantastic venue. My next opportunity to exhibit will be in September.

Deadline for applications: August 15!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crafty Wonderland! Sunday July 13

We're in! Our fantastic Ruby Red Slipper earrings sealed the deal and Bodywreath has been accepted to display our wares at the upcoming Crafty Wonderland show. Ok, it is a July craft show on a sunny, beautiful day when most sane Portlanders are out on the river and not in a underground indie-craft grotto. It's not the Christmas show we were hoping for last year, but that does not mean we can't celebrate.

Everyone at Bodywreath knew what a big accomplishment this was so we immediatly hit the bubbly. The next morning, with champagne corks firmly embedded in our ceiling, we got to work crafting some of the cutest Ruby Red Slipper earrings you've ever seen. Even sold a pair on ETSY while were were at it (Thanks Erika from PA).

We've also had our web guru update the website and, as you can see, the blog is back on track. We've paid our $35 booth fee, now we just need to secure a four-foot table.

We hope to see you all Sunday, July 13 for a rockin' show!

Friday, March 7, 2008

"I thought I was out, but they keep pulling me back in! ..."

It's spring and the urge to craft and to be crafted is almost irresistible. Bodywreath will be checking out the Portland CRAFT 06 Release Party this Sunday. Would not miss it!

The Portland bash at Twisted, from 1-4pm. Moxie will be on hand, too, demonstrating how she makes the adorable monsters that grace the cover of CRAFT 06. There will be a hands-on craft table, where you can learn to make Pantyhose Flowers from the magazine.

There will also be snacks on hand, and Twisted carries a delicious assortment of teas and juices. Twisted carries embroidery supplies, vintage buttons, tons of new and vintage craft books and felting materials.Bodywreath employees and consultants will also be visiting the March Crafty Wonderland sale the same day, from 11-4.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Chariot

It's all about moving on. From now on the posts will be, well more spaced out let us say. Spring is upon us, life gets more busy and the entire crew from Bodywreath just needs to get out in the sunshine. So what does the future hold? Perhaps we should consult the cards.